Our Mission

Welcome to Markazi Imam Bargah Al Murtaza!

AsSalamu Alaykum, (Peace be upon you),

Welcome to the Markazi Imam Bargah Al Murtaza. Al Murtaza is one of the several Muslim organizations in the Greater Houston area and our mission is to propagate the message of Islam, the message of the Prophet (pbuh), the message of twelve Imams (as). Al Murtaza is located at14903-B Bellaire Blvd. Houston, Texas 77083.

Al Murtaza holds the following regular programs:
   • Thursday evening program: Hadis-e-Kisa followed by Dua Kumail
   • Commemorations of the Birthdays and the Death days of the fourteen Masoomeen (a.s.)
   • Ramadhan Program: Iftar program followed by a speech during the month of Ramadhan.
   • Muharram Program: Starting from 1st of Muharram to 9th of Rabi-Awwal we hold lectures followed by Matam Dari.

In addition there are special occasions commemorated at Al Murtaza like esalay-Sawab Majlisis. Please contact us in order to schedule one to your loved ones.

We would like welcome you to visit Al Murtaza. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or concerns.

Thank you.